The Band

Chris, Keith, Justin, Randall, Tim & Brandon

Resonator Guitar

Brandon Bostic

Brandon is an award-winning musician and producer working with Bluegrass, Americana, and Country artists at the forefront of their genre. GRAMMY winner, Valerie Smith, gave him his start playing guitar and singing harmony vocals with her band, Liberty Pike. Soon after, he joined Blue Moon Rising on mandolin and later moved to resonator guitar. In 2015, Bostic made his Grand Ole Opry debut with Country music legend, Patty Loveless, as a member of her world-renowned band. Brandon is also a member of the Nashville’s, The Likely Culprits; a “supergroup” comprised of some of Music City’s best session musicians. In 2018, The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) awarded Brandon, and his friends in the Becky Buller Band, Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year for “Speakin’ to that Mountain” from Becky’s album, Crepe Paper Heart.


Chris West

Chris plays guitar and sings lead and harmony vocals for BMR and his written his fair share of the band’s original material through the years. Chris was taught to play guitar by his uncle, Tony Thomas, and has played in several bands with Tony through the years. Along with Tony, Chris was influenced heavily at an early age by the music of The Knoxville Grass, Boone Creek, The Country Gentlemen, and the Stanley Brothers.  Chris enjoys writing new bluegrass, gospel, and country songs while trying his best to make them sound like they could have been written decades prior.


Justin Jenkins

Justin has been playing since the age of 8, he started his career at the Renfro Valley barn dance in Mt. Vernon, Ky at the age of 12. He spent 5 years there until he graduated from high school and joined Blue Moon Rising. He spent 5 years touring with BMR and recorded 2 albums with the band. “On the rise” and “One lonely shadow.” He then joined Grasstowne where he spent the next 5 years touring and recording. He also recorded an album with American Drive and spent time touring and recording with other artists. Justin currently is a member of Alan Bibey and Grasstowne as well as playing select shows with the Kenny and Amanda Smith band, while also recording and doing select shows with Blue Moon Rising.


Keith Garrett

Keith is a founding member of Blue Moon Rising.  He lives in Citico, a community outside of Vonore, TN.  Keith learned to play guitar at the age of 13 from his father, William Garrett, a local legend for his melodic and Stanley-style cross-picking.  Like many bluegrass artists of his generation, Keith can trace his love for bluegrass back to the countless iconic bluegrass recordings he heard as a child, many that he heard before he had even started playing. His father fostered this love of bluegrass by taking Keith to various bluegrass festivals and jam sessions where Keith honed his guitar playing, started playing other instruments and began experimenting with bluegrass vocals. As a teenager, he played with various local bluegrass bands and later began his professional career singing and playing the guitar with the County Boys, Dollywood’s bluegrass band in the late ‘90s.  It was around that time that he and friends Justin Moses, Tim Tipton, and Chris West formed Blue Moon Rising.  Keith left Blue Moon Rising in 2009 to become a part of The Boxcars, a Grammy-nominated band formed by Keith along with Adam Steffey, Ron Stewart, Harold Nixon, and John Bowman.  After the breakup of The Boxcars in 2017, Keith played for a year with the Highland Travelers.  He is now back with Blue Moon Rising and is excited about the opportunity to write, record and perform some original bluegrass music with some of his favorite musicians and friends.


Randall Massengill

Randall covers the tenor vocal and high leads for the band along with his great rhythm guitar skills. Randall spent many years touring with the bluegrass gospel band New Road and along with Tipton, formed the successful band Brand New Strings. Randall has many musical influences from gospel, blues, country, and bluegrass and it shows in his soulful tenor singing.


Tim Tipton

Tim plays the acoustic bass for Blue Moon Rising. Tim has also contributed original songs to their recordings. He wrote Papaw Taught Me that appeared on the album, ON THE RISE. The song was also featured on a compilation project, “The Very Things You Treasure – 24 Bluegrass Songs of Faith & Family.” Tim’s outgoing personality was certainly an asset in getting this group off the ground, and he was an integral part of the band’s success. Tim is heavily influenced by the music of Bill Monroe, Lou Reid, Ricky Skaggs. He lives in Madisonville, TN and is an avid outdoorsman and hunter.

Blue Moon Rising is a bluegrass band from East Tennessee that was founded in November 2000 by Tim Tipton, Justin Moses, Chris West, and Keith Garrett.  These four founding members had a few simple goals –  they wanted to write and record some original bluegrass songs and maybe play some local festivals.  Fast forward almost 20 years later, and Blue Moon Rising has become a staple in the world of bluegrass.  Their songs have garnered attention from fans all over the world and have appeared on charts from Billboard, Bluegrass Today, Bluegrass Unlimited, and Roots Music Report.   The “little-band-that-could” that started out with meager goals has now played hundreds of dates all across the United States and Canada. 

The band has had a few personnel changes over the years, as most bands do if they last over a couple of decades, but the core focus of the band has never been altered.  The current lineup of the band is a mix of old and new members, a group of friends that would be as comfortable getting together for an evening jam as they would be embarking on a national tour.  Three of the original members, Tim Tipton, Keith Garrett, and Chris West, are part of the current band, as are three guys who have decades of the combined membership of Blue Moon Rising:  Randall Massengill, Justin Jenkins, and Brandon Bostic.

“After All This Time” is an appropriate title for the band’s current project, which is set for release on Mountain Fever Records later this spring.  Fans old and new are likely to be impressed with this effort, for it is Blue Moon Rising at its finest.  They are still writing and recording great bluegrass songs, but now with a flare and focus that only comes with the years of experience and the friendship that these guys share.